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Fresh and Fun Dance Fitness!

Fresh and Fun Dance Fitness!

"Such a fun class, I highly recommend it as it’s a full body workout, easy to follow the steps and it’s the most effective workout routine!"


FIT HOP dance?

The upbeat, current and most motivating way to get your cardio workout done, all by dancing! Our style is Hip Hop based, with an awesome variety of music and movement to give you the full exercise experience, both physical and creative!


Class begins with a slow and low impact warm up, and progresses to higher energy tracks, increased advancement in step skill and choreography, then concludes with a cool down and stretch to safely bring the heart rate back to normal.


The structure of the choreography is designed to be repetitive phrases of movement, so the more you practice, the more comfortable and confident you get. No one gets it perfect the first time! This is an actual dance class with a heap of brand new steps, and its purpose is to help our members be challenged so they can develop their own agility, co-ordination and step skills! Each dance set has a muscle group target - shoulders, quads, core and of course booty work! You definitely know its working when you feel the burn in those areas!

All ages and abilities are welcome, with the instructor pointing out basic, intermediate and advanced variations of movement to make sure everyone can participate at their chosen level.


It's all about getting an awesome cardio workout in a fun, non-competitive, supportive community environment. Simply follow along with the instructor and even if there are a few steps you are not quite getting, the main thing to remember is...


"As long as you're moving, you're doing it right!"


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