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Personal Training

With Sonjia

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join me today

and get results!

I am committed to you and your goals, and will help you discover all you are physically capable of through my individualised personal training program, designed just for you!

12 week program

2-4 sessions p/week

45min duration p/session

Progress reports and fitness tracking

Nutrition and Exercise Diary & Meal Plan included

021 044 9086

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Client Success

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Marble Surface

Mum of two transformation!

Witness the testimony of the determined and disciplined Sona!

Meet Sona. She first started training with me in March 2020 after deciding it’s time to reclaim her body and fitness now her second child was almost 2 years old.


She took on 3 sessions a week and prioritised her training sessions - booking in at a time that coincides with her workplace morning tea treats each day so she could remove herself from temptation! Great idea, and it definitely worked! She stuck to the recommended nutrition and continues to keeps a detailed record of her food intake in her Nutrition & Exercise diary to stay accountable!


I’m so super proud of this super woman! It goes to show that hard work, commitment and perseverance definitely pay off!! First pic March 2020, Second pic Sept 2020, last Pic Feb 2021. Total 15kg lost, and reduced 9.7% body fat! I'm so happy to celebrate this achievement with you, and now set a new goal for the next step on our journey!


Well done Sona! You look INCREDIBLE! 

FIT HOP - PT POSTER 2022.jpg
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